Saturday, 16 July 2011

Book List of General Studies (G.S.)

1 ) Indian Polity --- Author DD Basu ( PM bakshi bare-acts, subhash kayshap our constitution if u find basu bit tough)

2) Indian Economy -- Datt and Sundaram, mishra and puri

3) Science -- NCERT VII th to XII th

4) Geography -- NCERT - Xth to XII th, goh cheng leong certificate geografy for ISC- class 12, oxford atlas or orient blackswan atlas

5) History -- NCERT XIth , XIIth (Ancient ,Medeival & Modern history) (old editions), spectrum modern indian history, bipin chandra

6) Current Affairs -- 1] Chronical Magazine 2] civil services times

3] Indian Express newspaper

4] The Hindu

5] economic times

7)Tata Mcgraw GS Manual

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