Saturday, 16 July 2011

Impact of British on Indian Society

The coming of British into India was an event which had far-reaching
consequences for Indian society.

*The age-old traditions began to decline due to new social and economic forces. 

*The classical languages such as Sanskrit and Persian declined and English became the official language.

*The traditional handicrafts in Indian country-side fell into decay as they were unable to withstand the competition of machine-made textiles and other goods brought by the British to the Indian markets from Manchester, Lancashire, Sheffield and London. 

*The Indian villages were not able to continue as viable economic units under the colonial rule.

*The British brought important changes in India by the introduction of railways, posts and telegraphs which facilitated communication between groups. Further, administrative and judicial services were extended to many parts of the subcontinent. 

*Thus, India entered the modern stage. The schools, colleges and universities were started by the British rulers.
Missionaries and Indian voluntary organisations also took steps to spread modern education in India

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