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Q.- Acid rain caused by which polluting gas ?
Ans. -  sulphurdioxide and nitrogen oxides. together,they form sulphuric acid. resulting in acidity of rain. this was asked in 2010 prelims

Q.-  water vapor,carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone............which r not greenhouse gases?

Ans. – All are greenhouse gases.

Q. -  who named ' Man of the 20th century by times magazine ' ?
Ans. - Albert Einstein

Q.- 1. MSS (market stabilisation scheme ) was introduced by Finance commssion in 2004 to remove access liquidity . 2. MSS envisages treasury bills thro RBI on behafl of govt to mop up liquidity .......which r true ?

Ans. - 1 F 2 T

Q. - of the renewable sources of energy solar energy produces largest amount of electricity in india ....T/F ?

Ans.-  F hydro power

Q. - which is the smallest river of the world ?
Ans. - Roe River The "shortest river in the world". (Guinness World Records) The river runs between Giant Springs and the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana.

Q. - where ganga jamuna n saraswati confluence?
Ans. – Allahabad

16th Dec10

Q.-  what is IPR ?
Ans. -  intellectual property rights.

Q. - difference between Patent and copyright?

Q.- 1. Film photography , radiometer , infrared r examples of passive remote sensing . 2. RADAR is active remote sensing............which r true ?
Ans. - both r true

Q. - recently convention on bio diversity(COP 10) was held at____ ??
Ans. - Nagaoya japan

Q. - _______    is a massive city modernisation scheme launched by Government of India. It envisages a total investment of over $20 billion over a period of 7 years

Q. - myopia disease is connected with which body part?
Ans . – eye

Q. - who discovered the structure of insuline ?
Ans. -  frederick sanger

Q. -  who discovered x-ray
Ans . -  Wilhelm C. Roentgen's


Ans. – hydrogen

Ans. -  lata mangeshkar

Q. -  first fare paying space tourist..??
Ans. - Dennis Tito

Q. -  ........... is the only sport event, where men and women can compete together
Ans. - Equestrian is the "expertise to drive or ride a horse"

Q. -  first indian to win world amateur billiards title..???
Ans . -  geet sethi

Q. -  how many times geet sethi win the ibsf world billiards title..?
Ans. -  6 time winner. He is a six-time winner of the professional-level and a three-time winner of the amateur World Championships, and holder of two world records

Q. -  first odi captain of india..???
Ans. -  ajit wadekar

Q. -  where did india play its 1st odi..??

Q. - in which year human rights resolution was adopted by UN..??
Ans. – 1945

Q. – Office of UN general assembly is in…….?
Ans . -  new york

Q. - headquarters of UNESCO..??
Ans. -  paris

Q. -  headquarters of food and agriculture organisation..??
Ans. - ROM

Q.-  first indian to be president pf UN general assembly..??
Ans. - Vijayalakshmi Pandit

Q.-  The function of the messenger RNA is to____________
Ans.- enable  protein synthesis

Q. - The messenger RNA is produced in the
Ans. -  DNA

Q. - largest gulf
Ans. –Gulf of Mexico

Q. - who discovered nucleolus
Ans .- leeewen hok

Q. - india latitudnal and altitudnal diff is both 30 deg then why N-S is larger than W-E

Q. -  Round revolution in India is associated with 1.potato productn 2.onion prodctn 3.Maize prodctn 4. Tomato prodctn
Ans. – 1

Q. – What is Duralunium?
Ans. -  alloy of aluminium and brass called duraluminium

Q. -  Christian Wulff is d prez. of 1.Italy 2.Germany 3.Peru 4.Holland
Ans. - 2 is rt

Q. - Who is d head of Intrgvrnmntl panel on climate change(IPCC)? 1.R.K. Chauhan 2.Ramesh baish 3.R.K. pachauri 4. N.K. Ghosh
Ans. – 3

Ans. -  lavoiser

Q. - no. of art in indian const
Ans. -  444

Q. -  Kalinga prize is fr? 1.Science popularisation 2. Journalism 3.literature popularisation 3. Art populartion

Ans. - 1.Science popularisation

Ans. -  hungary

Q. -  two sides of rec  r in ratio 3:2. if the area of rec is 96 find length of each side
Ans. - 12 & 8

Q. -  who is present  Ministry for social Justice & Empowerment???
Ans. -  mukul wasnik

Q.-  Year of 4th battle of Anglo-mysore war?
Ans. - 1798-99  in this battle Tipu Sultan died

Q.- Principle behind taking off of airplane?
Ans. - bernoulli

Q. - Oldest Eductnl instt of India 1. IIt Mumbai 2.Kolkata Univ. 3.Mumbai Univ. 4.IIt Kanpur
Ans. -2.Kolkata Univ

Q. - Mukambika Wild life sanctry is located in 1. Bihar 2.Karnataka 3.jharkhand 4.Uttarakhand

Ans. -2 Karnataka

Q. - Justine henin is frm 1.Russia 2.Poland 3.Belgium 4.Germany

<Foolish> The philosophical postulates of the constitution of India are based on what ?

Ans. - Objective Resolution of Pundit Nehru, 1947

Ans. - 3 A.P.J. abdul kalam

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